While more countries are putting up quaratine orders or just asking people to stay at home if they can, people are getting more bored and restless then ever! We are here to help!

1. Learn a new/increase in your existing skill

Now is a perfect time to sit down and learn that skill you’ve wanted to learn for a long time but haven’t had the time due to work getting in the way.
Go crab some paint and canvas, turn on a youtube clip on how to paint surtain things. Learn how to sew so you can update your outdated or broken clothes instead of buying new. Maybe even learn how to sing or cook?

2. Re-decorate your home

Are you maybe getting tired of how your home is looking now that you’ve been home for a while? Try something new, and see if you’ll like it better. A change in your environment is good for your health sometimes. Maybe get rid of furniture that isn’t giving you positive vibes.

3. Renovated your home

Re-decorating maybe isn’t on your list of things to do but renovating a sertain room in your home as been on your list for ages but you haven’t had the time to get to it yet. Go do it if your budget allows!

4. Workout

Are you maybe in need of some workout now that you’ve been sitting on the couch for a few weeks? Do some excersice workouts in the comfort of your own home or maybe on the balcony. There are many good videos on youtube you can check out.

5. Nature walking

Breating the same air (so to speak) can make anyone tired and can also decrease your health. Taking a stroll or even a run in the woods or nearest park is a good way to get some fresh air and make you feel better.

6. Binge-watch on Netflix

There are many good shows on Netflix you can watch now that you have nothing else to do while at home. Maybe watch thriller shows, comedy shows or why not informative shows about important topics.

7. Plant something

Now that we are supposed to stay at home you can always grow your own vegetables or fruits so you have it at home. Or maybe flowers to increase you air quality in your house. Planting is pretty therapeutic and calming for your soul.

8. Go camping

If you’re tired of your four walls at home, change your location and sleep in a tent maybe for a night or maybe even a week to get fresh air and a change of scenery. Learn how to live with no electricity and leave your phone on flight mode (Don’t leave it at home of a accident occurs or if you need any help).

9. Videochat parties

If you’re not able to see your family or friends, make a videochat party! Have dinner together with your family over videochat or have wine/beerparties over videochat with your friends to stay in touch without seeing them in person. Saftey first!

10. Making dreams come true

Look over your situation, are you happy with your lifesituation (besides being stuck at home) or with your current work? If no, it’s time to maybe make a change. Plan your future and maybe start a business and work with something you truly love. Ask friends or family for help if you need it or ask an expert how you start a business.

Did any of these tips help? Let us know and tag us on instagram when doing any of these activites!

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports