3 tips on how to advance in your career

COVID-19 made people rethink their lives and with that many new trends came in, not just for home and lifestyle but for the job market too. One of the most famous is “The Great Resignation” also known as “The Big Quit” which began in the early 2021. Workers voluntarily quit their traditional jobs in order to find new opportunities that are less traditional work culture based. It started from the United States and followed by Europe, India, Australia and many others.

Question is – can you survive this massive economical change by turning it into a great upgrade? The answer is yes!! And following are some tips on how to do that:

1. Learn the art of presenting your transferable skills. Let your previous skills shine through your resume and cover letter and let your new employer know how you are going to transfer them in your new job. Let the company know what they can get from you and how you can be an asset to them.

2. Instead of beating yourself over the past two years situation because of the pandemic, use this trend as an opportunity. Aim higher and don’t settle easily unless you find a job that interests you and your skillset fully. This is the right time to apply for the job you always wanted!

3. Know what you want! Do not jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is and leave a job you thrive at. Instead, use this as an opportunity to scale up in your current company. If you want, this is the right time to negotiate!


Punch line is, it all depends on you and what your goals are. How you decide to take an advantage of the fact that we are currently in a job seeker’s market.


Inspired by: Fairygodboss – Great resignation or great update?