Now that the vaccine has started to spread around the world, many people feel positive about the summer, despite the fact that all restrictions have not yet ended. Then there are some who are still careful with going back to a socialized society, which can be good to keep in mind when planning activities for the summer. Here are five tips on corona friendly things to do!

Cultural walks

There are many cultural walks that adapt their offerings to corona friendly adventures. They plan tours for a certain number of guests at a time where you get to experience history brought to life again. Many cultural walks pass cozy courtyards where you can stop with your company and have a coffee. Adapt your hike to your and the company’s interests and enjoy!


Start your creativity. Many people find peace in performing their own art in their own way. It can be through paintings, music, crochet, etc. There are several ways to put your feelings into action. One way can be words, to write and talk about them, while one way can be in image and creation. Start your creativity and try to perform art in your very own way! Test yourself. Write, paint, crochet and express yourself! Maybe you will even find a new hobby.

Write a letter

This time will probably be a chapter we will look back on in future days. How was the pandemic? How did we experience it? How are we doing right now? Maybe you can write about some memories you had with someone you have been in quarantine with. Cozy evenings with a film marathon or activities you have invented at home during the lazy days. I have no doubt that you have managed to create a nice memory, even in the toughest days. Write it all down and open it in a year, it’s something future you will find interesting to read.

Film marathon

As previously mentioned, the film marathon is probably something many of us have been through during the pandemic. Sit in front of your devices and turn on lots of feel good movies that you want to watch. Load up with snacks or whatever you prefer to eat and enjoy! A tip can also be to watch old go to movies that were great favorites back in the days. Throwbacks are always fun!

Bake / cook

Look for lots of fun recipes you have not cooked before and organize a small corona friendly dinner. At Signature Reports we have lots of recipes to try! Feel free to find fun recipes for desserts and offer it too. See it as a fun experiment and test yourself!

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