A mom’s guide to the no makeup makeup look

No makeup makeup

Is it just me or has the very hyped  ‘No makeup makeup look’  been here for years as the ‘mommy makeup look’?

I remember when I was a child, my mom would use one lipstick for her whole face. She would start by putting a strong tint on her lips, move forward with the residue on her cheeks, and apply the same leftover color on the corner of her outer eyelid. 


This is where my craze for makeup developed. For me, I love my makeup to be easy and multifunctional that is easy for everyone. Where you can use your face as a canvas and your hands as tools to enhance your natural features.

Recently, so many new brands like @nudstix, @glossier,  @trinnylondon, @makethemake, etc are coming up with great products that can be used in multiple ways. As a skincare junkie, I opted for @makethemake because of their skincare-infused makeup. Who wouldn’t like to wear makeup that can actually take care of your skin underneath instead of ruining it? Right ?!


Here is one of my go-tos… How I like to call it “ no makeup mommy makeup” that makes me look super radiant and fresh without any hustle.


✨Step 1: I always prep my skin with moisturizer and sunscreen. Here I used @CeraV moisturizing lotion with SPF 25 

✨ Step 2: No matter if I am applying foundation or not I like to use a primer to blur out imperfections. I used @milkmakeup hydro primer that I actually got as a sample from Sephora and loved it!

✨Step 3: My SUPER FAVORITE glossier stretch concealer that I use on fine lines, dark spots, and obviously my sleep-deprived dark circles .. cause fake it baby fake it !!

✨ Step 4: Squalane Soft Compact Foundation from @makethemake, to make it look a bit dewy and natural I like to spray a little bit of @emmaskincare moisturizing facial mist on the sponge before applying. 

✨Step 5: The all-in-one Capric berry face palette from @makethemake has three shades for the face but I do like using them on my eyes as well. 

✨ Step 6: Mascara from @marcjacobs. It is the only mascara that doesn’t make my lashes fall. 

✨ Step 7: Finishing it off with a little bit of natural lip shade from @makeupforever.

The steps might take longer to read but when applying it hardly takes me 10 mins. 

By Javeria Ikhtiar
By Javeria Ikhtiar