A tango and a flip

Aron Anderson och Jasmine Takacs på scen. Photo: TV4
Aron Anderson and Jasmine Takacs on stage. Photo: TV4

Swedish Let’s Dance is different this year. (Let’s dance is a Swedish version of the British television show Strictly Come Dancing.) For the first time, there is a dancer on the show who uses a wheelchair to get around the floor. This dancer is Aron Anderson, an adventurer, broadcaster, and lecturer who has previously completed an Ironman and climbed Kilimanjaro, among other things.

When the show aired in March, he had already spent six weeks training with internationally renowned dancer Jasmine Takacs. So, they had already gotten acquainted and found their way of dancing.

“What will be different for Jasmine is that she will have to lead differently in the dance than if she had danced with someone who was standing. She must lead me around the dance floor a lot in a way that she wouldn’t have to otherwise,” says Aaron.

He mentions that when they tango, for example, and must hold each other, he can’t move himself around because his hands are busy.

“Then we must spice it up by doing other cool moves in between and being more active. In general dancing, I mostly just go with her. It gets a bit boring to watch so we try to find those other things that make it a bit more of a show.”

Balance is a challenge to some extent, he indicates. That is, to find the balance of the wheelchair in the dance, so it doesn’t tip backwards.

“When we’ve practised flips and tricks, we’ve often had a third person holding the wheelchair, so I don’t tip over backwards. After we’ve done it a couple of times, you realise that ‘I’m not that close to tipping over here so I’m fine. We can do it without having someone to help.’”

But balance is something he must work on in any sport he engages in. What’s special here is that there’s also another person involved that he must keep his balance with.

Choreography is the part of dancing that he feels most unfamiliar with. But he is also unaccustomed to working so closely with someone else in a team.

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