The Signature reports is a new vibrant digital platform aimed to create including content that can inspire both people of diverse ethnicity in Scandinavia and across the world.

We produce our own content but also shares content from influencers active within our focus areas which are fashion, beauty and lifestyle. As a platform we also aim to connect brands with a often neglected target audience both as end consumers and influencers.

To further enhance our purpose we created a inclusion plan for companies to follow in order to ensure they operate their businesses in a good manner for all. The plan consists of seminars, workshops, events, guidelines for content creation, recruiting both in-house team as well as influencers.
We also created an annual award, The Signature awards, which is given out to the leading brands and profiles of the year. Read more about the Signature awards here.

The Signature reports is operated as a social entrepreneurship which means we re-invest all profits made back into the platform to further develop it and support our beneficiaries. Our profits also goes into supporting the upkeeping of the ngo My sister’s keeper foundation.
Our goal is to become the to go to platform for both people and brands with an desire to read/see and share more diverse and inclusive content.

Our founder Aysha Jones says about the Signature reports:

“I try to create things I wish existed when I was growing up in the diaspora, which could be a blessing and a curse. The Signature reports is the platform I needed and still needs, both as a person and a influencer. I hope it can bridge gaps and empower those in need!”

We, the Signature reports team, hope you will enjoy our platform. No matter who or where you are!