A beauty review by Polly Lindstedt

Listen, we’ve all been there… Searching for the ultimate lashes that look like fluffy wings but don’t cost half a payrent… Are you with me? Good, cause I’ve been there…

I’ve finally found lash-brands that have super cute, edgy, dramatic lashes and for a super affordable price!

First up we got the iconic Swedish brand Depend with their new release of lashes!

Last year Depend released lashes

together with a swedish influencer, Marcel Jehrlander and honestly… They did GOOD! These are currently my fave lashes for any look, I love wearing them for natural looks but also for a more dramatic look. That’s one of the perks with these lashes, they work with everything!
But the best part is that they don’t feel heavy on the eyes, I almost forget i sometimes wear them. That’s how light and comfy they are! Which Marcel said himself that it was his goal to make super comfy and light lashes while looking expensive.

If you haven’t tried any of their new lashes

yet, you kind of have to of you’re a lash-user!

In total they released 5 lashes

They are all focused on fullness and volume. The silver packages are Faux mink and the black ones are syntetic hair

My favourites from this release is Marcel, Nova and Nathalie. I love a full lash all day, everyday!

You can by These lashes here:



Kronans apotek

Next up we have Love Lash Stockholm which is a new brand that launched at the end of 2018 and has slowly grown popular amongst micro influencers

This brand truly caught my eye when I saw their first batch of 3 lashes, They screamed my named!

Love Lash focus on glamourus and dramatic lashes with a “WAH WAH WHOOM”-feeling, and I’m not gonna lie, these lashes has become a staple in my looks by now! Almost every look I’ve done with a lash on it’s Love Lash on my eyes! Don’t belive me? Head over to my instagram and take a look for yourselfs! Belive me now?


Right now their lashes doesn’t cost over 80 SEK which make these insanely affordable for what you get! Previously I’ve only found these types of lashes at the high end brands with a price that truly hurts your soul!

I’ve been using my Love Lash lashes since their launch, and with a bit of love and a gentle hand they last a veeeery long time! A year later or so I still have my first lashes I bought from them. Impressive, for the price you get durability, glam, fluff, drama and cute containers.

My current fave lash is Alexandra, they are truly perfect for every look, they add drama if needed and makes your eye look “caty” (cat-eye looking)

You can buy Love Lash lashes here:


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