When talking about beauty ideals, the topic is usually focused on the target group of teenagers. This is because this target group is developing towards becoming an adult where they seek more of an identity as the curiosity about who you are becomes more interesting at this age. This leads to them becoming more obvious to complexes. What we can forget is that adults are also affected by these beauty ideals, but how?

Travel abroad, expensive restaurants with an expensive glass of wine and luxurious furnishings are something that can attract young adults, but the money is not enough. The pressure of having a nice home with luxurious furnishings is probably greater than we imagine. A home becomes a part of young adults. The home is you, your family and you represent it. They proudly want to be able to invite relatives, friends and colleagues home to a luxurious and fresh home. The appearance and quality of the home becomes part of the human status, how they live leaves an imprint on the visitor that reflects the person they visit.

Imagine greeting Krister, 34, who lives in a third in town with older porcelain plates, copper cutlery, a bed from a season that was sold a long time ago with some scratches on and bedspreads with patterns that were trendy in the 80s. Krister does not keep up with the trends and we can easily perceive him as old-fashioned and that gives us an impression of how Kristers personalitie are. Then we get an insight into how Anna 34 years old lives. She also lives in a third in town with a newly installed modern white kitchen with marble tops, gold details and modern bright lighting in the ceiling. Anna keeps up with the trends and we get the impression that she is successful with a good income and taste. We want to socialize with her. Trends thus affect us and pressure us to spend a lot of money to even feel good in our own home and to be appreciated by guests and the surroundings.

Trends and ideals can affect us all and the most important thing is not to fall into the trap of these norms. Remember that you are special because there is only one person like you. Reflect your unique self in your interior design, clothes and everyday life based on your own taste. You are unique. You are you!

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