Back To School- How To Make It Easier

Many parents probably find it difficult to motivate their energetic children to go back to school from a playful summer vacation. The children’s routines have been changed to lots of swimming, traveling, sun and fun, and now we will in the best way change them back to a more organized routine.

Talk to your child

Prepare the child for things to change and what is expected in the coming year. Explain to the child that there will be more holidays during the school year where you can skip theese routines again but that it is only during holidays. During school time, routines look different and in order to deal with it most easily, the child must start by accepting it.

Make it fun

Make it fun for the kids! Take them out on a back to school shopping where you can buy some colorful pencils and notebooks you can decorate together with lots of stickers and accessories. Not everyone has the finances for it, but creativity and homework always work too!


Remind your child by guiding a trip to school and play together in the schoolyard. Make the transition from the holiday to school again natural for the child. Organize a playday with classmates from school so the children are reminded of the environment and surroundings.

It’s all about getting your children to move from the holidays to school in a simple and natural way. It does not always have to be a boring goodbye to the summer holidays, but a fun hello to school!

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports