Back To School-Study Tips

School is starting to approach and many new students are worried that they will not make the most out of their studies. Performing well during the school year is something that can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. We at Signature Reports want to make this easier for our readers, so here are some tips for how you as a student can handle school in the best way.

No distractions!

Switch off your mobile phone when studying. Preferably that you put your mobile in another room. The telephone is a disturbance to the brain and every time it rings with a new notice, we unconsciously want to know what it is. The brain reacts to what we do not know, so it comes naturally to us to pick up the phone and see what the notice is about. By placing the mobile phone in another room, we eliminate this disturbance.

Take Notes

Make notes during the lesson. Get a notebook where you keep notes of what is presented during the lesson. Writing down what the teacher says in your own words can be extremely helpful as you can read through it after the lesson and understand it better. Dare to raise your hand and ask if there is something you do not understand so you are sure that everything you write down is correct information.

Always reflect and sum up

After the lessons, it is always good to take five minutes to summarize and reflect on the information you have received. Write a small summary of your notes, or a keyword list with new concepts you have learned. Something that also helps is to highlight words in your notes that are important for the totality of the information.

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Last but not least, colors

Colors have proven to be a good tool for studying. Writing with colors helps the brain to associate the information with a certain color, which makes it easier for you to remember the facts. This is something the brain takes up unknowingly so if you write certain words with certain colors then the brain can help you remember by reminding you of the color in which you wrote the information. It also works by highlighting words with highlighter in different colors. Do not make the pages boring and raw, liven them up!

School should be fun and easy, we hope these tips will help you achieve it!

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports