Many surgical procedures can be about procedures to help people who, for example, were born with a deformity, or have been involved in accidents that they have had leading consequences of, such as burns to the face and body. However, surgery can also be about cosmetic surgery, where the patient wants to change something with their appearance, such as the size of the nose or breasts.

What is considered to be the big factor in people choosing these beauty treatments is that they like to equate beauty with happiness. The dangerous thing about this is that they like to look for more and more they can change with their appearance the more surgeries they do. Everywhere on social media, we associate smiles and edited images of bodies but real happiness, which can drive us humans to interventions that change our appearance. What many people forget is that there is actually a risk with these surgeries. There are mainly two risks in undergoing these procedures. A cosmetic risk, that is, you become dissatisfied with the result, which can affect your view of yourself and there with your mental health. But also a health risk, which can give you unwanted complications and side effects. Surgery for medical reasons is considered by many in healthcare to be necessary, but they strongly emphasize that self-chosen reasons can do more harm than good and recommend referring their patients to psychologists instead of operating rooms.

People are allowed to make exactly the choices they want to make with their looks but always go in with the attitude that no one can achieve perfection. We are perfect as we are, and we are because we are just ourselves. Do not forget there is only one of you, and that makes you unique!

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