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On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was murdered by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in plain daylight, and the entire incident was filmed and broadcasted for everyone to see. George is not the first victim due to police brutality in the USA, like him, so many others have died by the same people that pledge to protect them.

After his murder, the officers involved in it were just fire and no charge or incarcerated for it, not even the president demanded it.

The racism that people of color face on their day to day base is ridiculous, and they have also been broadcasting videos of white people calling 119 on them lying with no disregard of the consequences for it.


All of it led to black people going to the streets to protests all over the USA, not caring anymore about the Coronavirus and quarantine laws that their states have to demand justice.  In solidarity, many countries around the world have manifested demanding justice and to stop racism against black people.

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These have started a dialogue about the injustice that also occurs in their countries.

The motto “black lives matter” has also been criticized by many, stating that its wrong because “all lives matter” is the right motto.  Still, it is tough to agree went we have all these media showing the inequality that we live on today.

As a society, we need to stop pretending that racism doesn’t exist and start making changes for the better, educated ourselves on black lives. Studying racism and colonialism history is essential to comprehend fully what is going on today and why the black community is displaying so much pain and anger.

We all need to do better and not just now, but continuously, it is so sad to think that we are still judging people by their skin color, and some of us do it automatically because we don’t know better.

Let’s changed for future generations to come because they deserve a better life, and let’s all stand together against injustice.

Remember, “all lives will matter” when “black lives matter too.”

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports