#FuckRacism from FÄRG – a statement and a cause

The make-up brand FÄRG has developed a limited edition color palette that is definitely a statement towards the beauty industry. The #FuckRacism palette contains all the products you need for the perfect base and contains colors to match anyone who is POC and loves makeup.  – In recent years, we have seen a positive change […]

The ultimate guide to smart beauty shopping

Do your beauty products expire before you even finish them? Do you want to save money AND your products? Here’s an easy guide for YOU! We all love Sephora and let’s say a trip to Sephora costs roughly 50$, and that’s some hard earned money so everytime my half-full foundation reaches its expiry date my […]

Skincare tips for those delicate eyes

There are two kinds of eye moisturizing products in the market these days, one is cream and one is gel. Both serve the same purpose but gels are mostly used for sensitive skin. How important is an eye cream/gel? Let’s do a little test. Close your eyes and lightly touch the skin right under your […]

FÄRG takes diversity and representation to the next level

In case you missed it, our own boss babe Aysha Jones bought the makeup brand FÄRG previously this year and that was shortly followed by a campaign film that is truly staying true to what diversity and representation truly means. The film shows various models, among them Paralympics winner Jeffrey Ige, business woman and trans […]

A mom’s guide to the no makeup makeup look

No makeup makeup

Is it just me or has the very hyped  ‘No makeup makeup look’  been here for years as the ‘mommy makeup look’? I remember when I was a child, my mom would use one lipstick for her whole face.

Minimizing those pores

Minimizing pores is not possible unless you get them botoxed, which will have side effects. I started using @byko products a few months ago when I was struggling a lot with clogged pores. They sent me four products with different qualities but that are used for the same purposes: detoxing, pore-minimizing and anti-aging. • Prebiotic Hydrating Cream: […]

Winter care basics

Winter is here. Days are getting shorter and less bright and there are days when we hardly see the sun and then people make mistake of NOT wearing a #sunscreen. At a beauty event I learned that the sun damages your skin more when it snows because the rays reflect. True or not one thing is […]

Not prepared for Halloween?

We think we’ve all been there, sitting the day before the Halloween party and not having a costume or look put together. Thank god for social media and talented makeup artists! Don’t you worry, one of our makeup artists is here to help! Check out the latest from us

IDA WARG Soft Finish Hairspray

IDA WARG Beauty is known for their vegan high quality beauty products. This October they launched their very first hairspray and we tried it and loved it! It is 100 % Vegan, Cruelty Free and have a scent of Sweet Strawberry.  The hairspray is a Soft Finish Spray. It is a very light hairspray that […]

Fashion trends: do they still exist in the digital age?

Everywhere we look, we see someone doing something or wearing something, promoting this – promoting that – and more and more, marketing focuses on trends. This is partially thanks to the constant demand for content on social media and blogs, but also the abundance of data and documentation we collected since the beginning of the […]