IDA WARG Soft Finish Hairspray

IDA WARG Beauty is known for their vegan high quality beauty products. This October they launched their very first hairspray and we tried it and loved it! It is 100 % Vegan, Cruelty Free and have a scent of Sweet Strawberry.  The hairspray is a Soft Finish Spray. It is a very light hairspray that […]

Hairstyles Through The Decades

Every other decade a new hairstyle becomes popular and takes place but now in the 20s century a new hairstyle comes every other week. The hair journey has changed and successfully developed through the years, we went from a popping shingle bob in 1920s to long luscious waves. As we all know hairstyles aren’t always […]

Lovely 4c hair, the ultimate wash guide!

Natural 4c hair tends to be dryer than other hair types as 4c hair has difficulties locking in moisture. A way to help your hair keep moisture in is by washing it correctly. We made a guide on two of the most popular washing techniques that gives your 4c hair some extra love and care. A […]