The ultimate guide to smart beauty shopping

Do your beauty products expire before you even finish them? Do you want to save money AND your products? Here’s an easy guide for YOU! We all love Sephora and let’s say a trip to Sephora costs roughly 50$, and that’s some hard earned money so everytime my half-full foundation reaches its expiry date my […]

FÄRG takes diversity and representation to the next level

In case you missed it, our own boss babe Aysha Jones bought the makeup brand FÄRG previously this year and that was shortly followed by a campaign film that is truly staying true to what diversity and representation truly means. The film shows various models, among them Paralympics winner Jeffrey Ige, business woman and trans […]

A mom’s guide to the no makeup makeup look

No makeup makeup

Is it just me or has the very hyped  ‘No makeup makeup look’  been here for years as the ‘mommy makeup look’? I remember when I was a child, my mom would use one lipstick for her whole face.

Not prepared for Halloween?

We think we’ve all been there, sitting the day before the Halloween party and not having a costume or look put together. Thank god for social media and talented makeup artists! Don’t you worry, one of our makeup artists is here to help! Check out the latest from us


This editorial look was created, modelled, photographed and edited by Polly Lindstedt 《 SMOKED OUT 》 Summer is at its end and we are longing after autumn, pumpkin spice, red velvety nail polish and a reason to wear a smokey eye look. Our creator Polly has made this vampy look. Keep reading to see what […]

Wing it

This editorial look was created, modelled, photographed and edited by Polly Lindstedt    🌟 @nyxcosmeticsnordics @nyxcosmetics – Ultimate Shadow Palette • Warm neutrals | Micro brow pencil • Espresso | Tinted Brow Mascara • Espresso | Honey Dew Me Up 🌟 @maybelline – Fit me Matte + Poreless powder • 104 Soft ivory | Instant […]

Kylie Jenner and her makeup journey

The gorgeous twenty three year old reality star, model and businesswoman Kylie Kristen Jenner started her business out of insecurity with her lips, isn’t it incredible how you can turn your biggest insecurity to a beautiful creation? Well today we are going to talk about how she started her business focusing on how to make […]

Glamorous in Pink

Date night? Drinks with friends or perhaps you just feel a little extra on fleek today? We got you! this look is a great options for all the above. From the runway to the streets, this creamy makeup look is here to stay. Pink is such a versatile colour and a gorgeous choice to incorporate […]