What the word “Beautiful” has meant throughout history

Perceptions surrounding beauty and body types not only vary by culture, but have evolved significantly throughout history. Lots of us go through the world assuming that “beautiful” means what our culture says it does: smooth, symmetrical, clean, thin, delicate and young. But did you know that throughout history—and in cultures all over the world—“beautiful” has […]

How to boost your self-esteem!

Self -esteem is something every human fights for, because as we already know with good self-esteem you can take yourself anywhere. But does everybody have good self-esteem? Well no, everybody doesn’t have good self-esteem,it can be due to a lot such as mental illness, body heat, beauty ideals, social media, etc. Some say you should […]

Are adults also affected by beauty ideals?

When talking about beauty ideals, the topic is usually focused on the target group of teenagers. This is because this target group is developing towards becoming an adult where they seek more of an identity as the curiosity about who you are becomes more interesting at this age. This leads to them becoming more obvious […]

The role of social media in the beauty complex

The media affects us enormously, from the target group of adults, who use the mobile screen with lots of media for work purposes, but which is also used to Facebook, to us young people and children who are largely obsessed with the platforms. Children from the age of two starts playing mobile games far too […]

Self Esteem And Fashion

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do in life is boosting your self esteem and confidence. Since society has set certain standards as to what beauty is defined, some people find it hard to express themselves. It may be true that confidence comes from within, but it can also come from another thing, […]

The Hippie Movement

The hippie cultural movement was an influence that originated in the early 1960s With its popularity and expansion, it has become a huge international collective. Today, the term “hippie” is often used as a derogatory term, often used to isolate various left-wing parties or groups. In this short article we will explain how the hippie […]

Fashion And Identity – A lifelong Relationship

Identity is an understanding of who we are, what we identify with and how our framework affects us. Fashion has a long-standing relationship with society and personal identity, and it is one of its most obvious expressions. The way we choose to dress can communicate with other people, emphasizing social expectations and norms, how we shape […]

The Fashion industry’s Impact on Global Warming

The drop in garment prices over the last 20 years has allowed us to buy more and more clothes. We now have 5 times more clothes than our grandparents had. It felt great until we found out what was hiding behind this trend. Let’s take a look at the carbon print caused by fashion industries. […]


There’s so much to think about when it comes to weddings, but something most brides forget about are themselves and their skin! If you have booked a makeup artist to do your makeup on your wedding day, then they will hopefully tell you what you need to do to prep your skin for your big […]