Couture Black – a fashion performance

The craft tradition of Couture is clarified in black shapes Under the leadership of Pär Engsheden, fashion designer and responsible for the Fashion Program, eleven fellow students have worked to express contemporary ideas through advanced forms and craftsmen. The students have explored how black materials can clarify the shape. “BECAUSE OF THE WORK OF MONOCHROME […]


SEE THE FULL LIVE VIDEO HERE (The videos are in swedish) On sunday the 26 of April 2020 Aysha Jones, an influencer, entrepenuer and mother of 3, held a cook-a-long live together with the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet) with topics such as racism, religion, food, politics and standards within both society and the fashion industry. She […]

Glamyoga at Downtown camper

The international yoga day of 2019 was definitely one to remember as we celebrated it amongst friends at Downtown camper by Scandic hosting yet another Glamyoga day. As per usual our guests were treated to a day filled with Afrobeatyoga, food, drinks and our light version of the Fa:Be talks. During the day the founder of […]

Glamyoga launch

Fashion and beauty meets yoga and afro culture through music and food. An all-day workshop focusing on our well being in several aspects. During the day presentations from various brands and the chance to try their products will be given and West African food will be served as we try a new way to do yoga! […]

Pajamas party at Downtown camper

Venue: Downtown camper If you missed our pj-party at Downtown camper, don’t worry! We will fill you in on what happened at the party. On the 9th of June we had our first event of the year (It was our first event in ages actually) after re-branding LeNoir in hopes of making it modern and fresh. It […]

Glamation day #glam2k18

Venue: Skyddsrummet GLAM 2k18 was a blast thanks to all the exhibitors and sponsors who attended and of course all our fierce models and artists that was performing during the whole day! We make a difference! – from the fair started til the afterparty ended, GLAM 2k18 pulled estimated 300 uniq guests. During the day […]