Ukraine war set to worsen severe hunger worldwide

Conflict, extreme weather and economic shocks increased the number of people facing a severe lack of food by a fifth to 193 million last year and the Ukraine war means the outlook will worsen without urgent action, a U.N. agency said on Tuesday. The Global Network Against Food Crises, set up by the United Nations […]

Sweden among top countries in discriminating for CEO positions

The benefits of being white is greatest in France, Sweden and UK according to a recent report conducted by the foundation AllBright. The report shows the lack of diversity among CEO’s in public Swedish companies, both in regards to gender and ethnicity. Most European countries are moving towards being more diverse in appointing their CEO’s, but the […]

Adapt the society, not the person

What is “the normal function” of the brain? At least since the end of the 20th century, this has been debated in the disability community. Much of the debate began with discussions on neurodiversity by people on the autism spectrum. The term neurodiversity itself was coined by sociologist Judy Singer. And in 1998, Harvey Blume wrote […]

Speed demon following the guide

Menna Fitzpatric and Gary Smith. Photo: ParalympicsGB

On the slopes of Yanqing National Alpine Ski Centre, Menna Fitzpatric starts at gradients of up to 70 degrees and reaches high speeds in the Super-G and the Downhill. You can understand why she utilises the tag #speeddemons in her Instagram account. Just ahead of her at the slope is her guide, who “is her eyes” […]

Racism within Swedish top fashion brand

One of Swedens top fashion designers have been called out for racist and discriminating behavior. Gudrun Sjödén, who is well established within the fashion industry, has reportedly discriminated employees, bullied them for years and has openly called people the n-word on more than one occasion. Although the company Gudrun Sjödén has released an official statement […]

Are we safeguarding basic human rights or race?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine surprised the whole world though it was an expected nightmare by many political commentators. The invasion was so intense, the humanitarian crisis due to the invasion engulfed Ukraine and affected the whole of Europe. Forced migration is one part of the humanitarian crisis, innocent people of Ukraine are forced to leave […]

Ramadan post Covid and how the pandemic has changed its meaning

To anyone outside of Islam, Ramadan is basically the month muslims doesn’t eat. Ramadan has since long been equated with fasting but if you’re muslim you know it’s so much more. Apart from the basics of taking the time to reflect and cleanse oneself physically as well as spiritually, Ramadan is a time that is […]

FÄRG takes diversity and representation to the next level

In case you missed it, our own boss babe Aysha Jones bought the makeup brand FÄRG previously this year and that was shortly followed by a campaign film that is truly staying true to what diversity and representation truly means. The film shows various models, among them Paralympics winner Jeffrey Ige, business woman and trans […]

A tango and a flip

Aron Anderson och Jasmine Takacs på scen. Photo: TV4

Swedish Let’s Dance is different this year. (Let’s dance is a Swedish version of the British television show Strictly Come Dancing.) For the first time, there is a dancer on the show who uses a wheelchair to get around the floor. This dancer is Aron Anderson, an adventurer, broadcaster, and lecturer who has previously completed […]

It Was Always Here

We were born under the images of the casque bleu as we heard of our cousins fleeing Rwanda, and the horrors they left behind. We listened as Liberia turned bloody and we waiting anxiously for the safe arrival of more family on the perilous journey back. We remember sleeping in one giant bed with them, […]