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The function of the corset is something people have strived for for a long time in the history of fashion. It was all the way back to the 16th century that the search for ways to meet the requirements of the corset began. The corset was designed to emphasize the figure of women based on how fashion has long wanted them to look. However, the purpose of the corset has not always been this.

Until the end of the Middle Ages, it focused on keeping the heavy clothes in place. It was later, shortly afterwards,that the hourglass shape became the new attractive.

The word corset comes from the Latin word corpus which means body, the corset is there to shape the body and is used by its lacing in the back. It sits from the breasts down to the hips and can be tightened extremely hard in the back with its lacing. The attraction to narrow waists increased enormously until the 1700s and 1800s when many people thought that the narrower waists women had, the more sought after she was. They taught both boys and girls to wear corsets as children, and the corsets developed so much that they were created in such a way that you could tie them all by yourself.

During the 19th century in particular, many women’s ribs were damaged due to the extremely tight corsets. Many women’s ribs and hip bones were so damaged by this that they could not walk without their corsets because their skeletons were not trained for them. Several ribs were even broken … They wanted to get the waist in and out with the hips with a nice princess dress that would fall wide out to create the illusion of wide hips.

But how has this trend come back now then? Well, it is now very modern to use corsets but in a gentler way as an accessory to their outfits. There are also many gentler underwear that are there to meet the requirements of the corset as narrow waist and wide hips are still a large part of what is considered attractive in today’s fashion. These gentle variants are made of a little thinner stretch fabric that you dress under the clothes for a more snug and hourglass-like body shape. Even the well-known Kim Kardashian has made these in her skim collection.

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