Couture Black – a fashion performance


An interpretation of couture by Beckman’s fashion students appears in a choreographed show in the middle of the exhibition Couture’s secrets at the Sven-Harry Art Museum.

The craft tradition of Couture is clarified in black shapes

Under the leadership of Pär Engsheden, fashion designer and responsible for the Fashion Program, eleven fellow students have worked to express contemporary ideas through advanced forms and craftsmen. The students have explored how black materials can clarify the shape.

“Because of the work of monochrome in black fabric, the students have focused on exploration of shape and silhouette – to find their own expressions in shape.” Pär Engsheden

The Couture course is conducted for the third consecutive year and provides an increased understanding of a more advanced and creative fashion design while providing insight into how the traditional craft can be combined with future demands for sustainability and material renewal.

Contributing fashion students

Adam Swärd, Benedicte Eggesbø, Emma Wåhlin, Erik Olsson, Felicia Åström, Fo Phan, Jannica Hagfors, Jon Allensten, Sandra Saedi, Sergio Castiglioni och Sofia Isdahl.

For more information go to Beckmans website.

All photos in this article is taken by Katriina Mäkinen, for usage contact her.


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