Recently we hosted our first Glam yoga day at Urkraft dance school in central Stockholm alongside partners such as Acasia skincare, Melanin boxes, Mighty smiles and Wallderinska. We flew in the upcoming german influencer, yoga instructor and healthy vegan living guru Sally Jones (The Vegan Gambian) and kicked off our exclusive yoga concept afrobeatyoga!

Our guest enjoyed three meals cooked and served by Kerr Jollof, a small family catering project that aims to offer West african traditional food, sweets and drinks to the public. Kerr Jollof had backing from Rynkeby who served their delicious ginger shots, Better you Sweden with their healthy kombucha and GodDryck added a touch of summer luxury with their sparkling alcohol free wines.

Two dishes made the headlines and tickled everyone’s tastebuds; the overnight oats and the stu. Both vegan and delicious however made with secret tricks we just got approval to share with our readers!

We modestly named it Glamoats, because why not?! Here’s how to make it and what you need, bare in mind that Kerr Jollof recipes rarely comes with exact measurements as it’s not custom to measure ingredients in the african kitchens. Rather one goes with feeling and adds their individual touch to it!

You need:

Do this:

Mix all your dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the coconut milk followed by honey. Followed by your milk option, remember tat the oats will soak up the liquid over night so if you prefer your oats thick add just a little bit of milk. Adjust the taste of cinnamon, chili and honey if needed. You can pour the mix in small containers so that they are ready to serve and eat just like that or in any sealable container.

Voila, Glamoats for the win!
The oats are best eaten within two or three days but can last in the fridge for up to seven days, give or take.

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