A skincare review by Polly Lindstedt

Elemis is a skincare brand that was established in London 1990 with a goal to make skincare that uses active ingredients from nature mixed with the most advanced technology, but also to use less unnecessary materials in packaging.

I came across this brand during Daisy Beauty Expo 2020* where these products really caught my eye. The packaging is beautiful and clean while the products scent is very pleasent. If you are sensitive you may want to test it on a small spot at first and see if you react to the product or not.

I started using the Elemis peptide4 overnight radiance peel to make my skin get used to the products and this overnight product is to be used every day after cleansing and toning of the face for a brighter and even skin.

If you don’t know what peptide is, it’s a yeast peptide designed using advanced molecular biology and inspired by circadian rhythms to help support the skin’s own “synchronised internal clock”.

I’ve heard and read a lot about lactic acid* and the benefits of it when used in skincare prior to even seeing this brand and I got pretty intrigued about it cause of all the claims, such as; increase of the cell turnover which means it helps the skin take away the dead skin and renew it faster and brighten the skin. But it can even reduce sun spots, age spots, and fine lines. But what intrigued me most was that it is supposed to reduce “chicken skin”*, eczema*, psoriasis* and rosacea*! I have “chicken skin” on my arms and eczema on my face and body. So I just had to try it when I saw these products presented to me!

So after using the Peptide4 overnight radiance peel for only 1 week my skin had been really smooth and more hydrated. Which is expected from a product with a peeling effect, vitamin C and anti-oxidant. It has a pretty “spiky” flower scent that hits your nose, but after a while goes down a bit. It soaks into the skin fast and leaves the skin feeling smooth.

But now that my skin had been introduced to the product it was time to add the Elemis peptide4 antioxidant hydra-serum – A serum that is suppose to help your skin’s defense against pollutions from the air, help ballance the skin and help it not to look dull and tired from dehydration and other factors.

This serum has a softer flower scent to it and is easy to distribute all over your face with a small amount of product, it sinks in well and doesn’t leave the skin sticky but moisturized. A very pleasent serum in my book! Adds nicely to the overnight radiance peel.

I defenetly recommend a try on Elemis products for those who likes the more advanced skincare ranges and aren’t afraid to try acid products.

*But as any acid product you should always be careful and ask a professional before using strong products on your skin.

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