Eyebrows, we put our eyebrows through razors, eyebrow combs and sometimes we even shave or wax them away just to draw them on again. There are so many shapes and trends everybody wants to try just for their eyebrows to be “on fleek”. After all, in addition to its function of stopping sweat and rain from going into the eyes, the eyebrows have the ability to strengthen communication between people.

Lately eyebrows have been an obsession, almost every 5-10 years there is a new eyebrow trend that makes everybody want to try them out. It all started in the 1920s with the pencil thin brows all the way to brow laminations which is the latest trend in 2020. In the makeup world, eyebrows are more likely to be the first thing to start with while doing your makeup, they have to be “on fleek” (a term that was popularized in the year 2014 by a teenager that just got her eyebrows done for the first time, the term simply means that her eyebrows were perfectly filled and shaped) before you can start doing the rest of your makeup routine.

Your eyebrows are another way for you to communicate with people, people can tell whether you are angry, sad, happy or confused based on your eyebrows, Isn’t it cool? Well now that we know the big impact eyebrows have in the makeup and social world, how does it affect you? Do you follow eyebrow trends and which one is your favorite?


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