FÄRG takes diversity and representation to the next level

In case you missed it, our own boss babe Aysha Jones bought the makeup brand FÄRG previously this year and that was shortly followed by a campaign film that is truly staying true to what diversity and representation truly means.

The film shows various models, among them Paralympics winner Jeffrey Ige, business woman and trans lady Caroline Farberger, influencer and body activist Karin Andersson and many more strong profiles.

FÄRG was founded as a brand for makeup artists who lacked multifunctional products and colors for dark skin tones. In February this year, Aysha Jones acquired the company with the ambition to make the products more attractive and accessible to consumers.

FÄRG is such an incredibly strong brand and I wanted that reflected in the campaign film. The models in the film are from all parts of society, with different ethnicities and backgrounds and have succeeded with very different and fantastic achievements in their lives. This film really represents what FÄRG is and who it is for. FÄRG is truly for everyone, says Aysha Jones, CEO and owner FÄRG.

See the campaign film below.

Creative director: Aysha Jones
Makeup: Polly Lindstedt & Aysha Jones
Cinematographer, co-director & editor: André Löwenbrååt
Assistants: Emma Nyrén & William Sundquist
Location: Hasselbacken

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports