Fashion And Identity – A lifelong Relationship

Identity is an understanding of who we are, what we identify with and how our framework affects us. Fashion has a long-standing relationship with society and personal identity, and it is one of its most obvious expressions. The way we choose to dress can communicate with other people, emphasizing social expectations and norms, how we shape ourselves in different social environments to express our feelings about our true self.


Personal Identity and the development of style

Tracking where we are in relation to our framework is an important part of expressing identity. Given labels like gender, we are moving toward a state where there is no right or wrong way to express ourselves through the clothes you wear. There are indeed expectations related to feminine and masculine ways of dressing, but we can choose to ignore these expectations. The point is, it depends on us. Each of us is responsible for interpreting labels based on our personality and how we want to be perceived.



Personal style and conscious consumers

By maintaining a conscious connection to one’s style, we can build a wardrobe that reflects our identity over time. This understanding of style and wardrobe creation over time depends on the true expression of our personal identity. We show a strong sense of style through our clothes, not only telling people that we feel direct when it comes to clothes, but also in terms of who we are as individuals

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports