Trends have been coming and going for a long time. From being popular, to dying out, and then becoming popular again. In today’s article, we focus on one of these trends that has found its way back.

It was from the beginning in the 1970s that the trend of flared jeans became popular. Something most people can relate the time of this trend to is Abbas’ clothes. Abba was a big factor in the fact that the trend was a success and that so many people used these types of jeans. That this fashion was such a big trend was a bit ironic now when we look back at it, because the success in 1980 was the exact opposite. 1980 was extremely tight jeans the new popular trend. They would sit so tight from the hips to the ankles that several boys and girls needed to lie down on their backs to even be able to button their pants. But, like the theme this month, the trend of flared pants came back, in 1990.

We are now in the 21st century which has also had its trend successes, and flared trousers have definitely been one of them. Today, these jeans are popular. They come in different shapes, materials and styles but almost all of us own a couple of its shape in the closet.

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