The digital era has really taken over almost everything, both in a good way and in a bad way…

However, let’s focus on the good parts, which is digital skincare.

More brands are coming out with products and tools that will help us manage our skincare routines better. So many people are using the wrong skincare treatments for your skin’s needs and are more or less damaging it then helping it.

Which is what FOREO is trying to help us with, but in a luxurious way!

FOREO is a Swedish brand that started in 2013 with only 2 employees and is now a huge company with over 3000 employees and are becoming more and more popular around the beauty community but also amongst ordinary people who only seek easy-to-use solution to their skincare.

What the FOREO cleansing tools does is that they vibrate out all the dirt from you pores and gently exfolitates your skin to get rid of dead skin. Cleaning your face can usually be a hastle just because it’s hard to really get rid of everything from your pores, it can take up to 3 times of cleansing before all the dirt is gone, but with FOREO devices it takes just one go for you to get and feel clean.

We at Signature Reports have given FOREO a go by trying out some products.

Polly tried the FOREO LUNA – fofo for a month, both morning and evening, but also during showering. Here’s what she had to say:

I bought my FORE LUNA – fofo on a whim when i got noticed on a discount, and I’ve always wanted to try something from FOREO but haven’t yet because I live on a very strict income and I am very strict with what I buy.

But after seeing so many of my friends praise FOREO and their products I just had to go for it, and now that I have it… I can’t wash my face without it! It has really changed my life and skin for the better.

Before I had my FOREO LUNA – fofo I was not very consistent with my skincare at all, which is very bad in the long run for my skin, but I think all the washing and moisturizing is so boring… Don’t get me wrong, i LOVE skincare in general, but the process i hate… It takes forever, there’s water everywhere when washing, I always manage to get my clothes wet… It’s just a pain in the butt tbh… Can anyone relate?!

But now after using my new skincare device I think it’s fun to do my skincare, I feel that it is giving me the result I didn’t really get before! Smooth skin, REALLY clean skin, brighter skin, even skintone, less residue and it’s soooo relaxing!

The best part with the LUNA – fofo is that it analyses your skin and gives you an insight on how your skin is holding up, if it needs more moisture, if it’s aging faster because of neglect and what rutine it needs. This is what my analysis said about my skin and what I need to do to help it.

Keep in mind that I can’t possibly tell you how accurate this is, but since I didn’t really take care of my skin the way I needed to before, I’d say this is pretty accurate.

You get a routine to follow with your fofo on your skin and this is suppose to give you the best result.

You are suppose to analyze your skin once every 2 weeks at the same time etc. I kind of missed this part but will try to get to it this time, that’s why it says – “16 days since last analysis”.

I analyzed my skin just now and I still have the same score so I don’t know if that’s a bug in the app or because I was sick for 2 weeks and didn’t take care of my skin at all during that time. However, I drink more water now so my moisture level should be higher and I even use products that is suppose to give moisture to my skin…

I’m gonna try using extra products for moisture and see if that will change it.

I did take pictures of my skin before using my FOREO LUNA – fofo and this is what my skin looked like before:

As you can see, I had a bunch of spots and dry patches, and I am a picker… I can’t resist picking at zits och scabs… Which has caused a bit of scaring, but I’ve gotten better at keeping my fingers at bay!

Anyway, now that I’ve been using my fofo and getting better at my skincare, this is what my skin looks like today:

I still have a few spots, but that’s from when i was sick, otherwise my skin is much brighter and not as red. Those orange spots are just moles/sunspots.

Hope this is helpful to you and that you will give FOREO a try, I will definitely expand my FOREO stash in my own pace but I am very impressed by how fun digital skincare can be and that it actually helps.

You can buy your FOREO LUNA – fofo here:

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