Venue: Skyddsrummet

GLAM 2k18 was a blast thanks to all the exhibitors and sponsors who attended and of course all our fierce models and artists that was performing during the whole day!

We make a difference! – from the fair started til the afterparty ended, GLAM 2k18 pulled estimated 300 uniq guests.

During the day we held three type of happenings, a fair a gala and a show with a afterparty.

Glam fair

Beauty & fashion brands promote their products allowing the guests to test, feel & buy from their shops at the fair. Presentations on our stage can also be booked for a larger demonstration.

Glam shows

Various known and upcoming designers will be showcasing their latest collections in our glam show. We focus on contemporary designs, ready to wear and couture from the whole world.

Glam gala

Celebrate diversity amongst friends, wear your new bought goods and enjoy our live acts and DJs one last time before the Glamation day rounds up for the year.

We also launched the Signature awards and changed the name of Queen of the Runway to Signature look, which is  the award for best upcoming model of the year. Winners of 2018’s Signature awards are as following.

Best brand: Färg makeup

Best media outlet: Krull magazine

Best product/service: Salla Salazar & Redline records

Best profile: Aleks

Rising star: Lamix

PR agency: not given out

Signature look: Sylver Kacou & Harriet Kayloba

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