Fashion and beauty meets yoga and afro culture through music and food. An all-day workshop focusing on our well being in several aspects. During the day presentations from various brands and the chance to try their products will be given and West African food will be served as we try a new way to do yoga!

Signature reports launches various concepts during the year, of which Afrobeatyoga is one of them. Likewise, glamyoga day where the purpose is to get more people interested in their way of thinking in all and different stages. Glam yoga days will take place at regular intervals in some of Sweden’s largest cities with different guests each time. The common denominator for all days is that you connect the inner dimension through food / drink and yoga with the external dimension through short and interesting presentations about skincare and beauty. At the end of the day, the visitor will hopefully have found inspiration for taking better care of themselves and wanting to spend a little extra on skincare / beauty even when the cashflow is low!

Thank you to our partners Acasia skincare, Kerr Jollof, God Dryck, Rynkeby, Färg makeup, Gröna Gredelina, BetterYou Sweden & Wallderinska

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