This post is sponsored by GodDryck in benefit of Sos children.

GodDryck x Richard Man, a delicious symphony!

GodDryck, together with one of the world’s best bartenders for non-alcoholic drinks, Richard Man, has created a luxurious cocktail kit that makes it easy to mix a luxurious non-alcoholic cocktail in your own home – GodDrycks Limited Edition Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Kit. The kit, which gives 6 glasses, contains a bottle of GoodDrink No 1, a handmade organic cocktail mix and an exclusive jig (measuring glass). All you have to do is measure up and serve.

The kit as sold by Delitea for 350SEK,

profits goes to Sos barnbyar (Sos children)

We recently got to try the cocktail kit and loved the taste of. Our publisher Aysha served it on her last dinner party and this is the review from her guests who figured as test panel.

“I love how it was sweet, but not too sweet” /Man 30+

“The issue I have with this drink is that you didn’t fill my glass to the top!” Girl 20

“Yummy, can you make this tomorrow too?!” Boy 13

GodDryck is solely owned by the GoodCause foundation, which means that the profit from the company goes to improving the world through GoodCause charity partners.

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