This editorial look was created, modelled, photographed and edited by Polly Lindstedt

How many of you can relate to Polly’s latest creation during these quarantine times?!

We think she nailed in 100% and kept it Fashionable at the same time!
Wanna know what products she used for this look? Head over to her instagram and give her some love from us by clicking here

She keeps on amazing us with her talent and she even shared her secret on how she manage to keep her inspiration up even tho it’s hard times:

– I feel like ever since all the quarantine stuf went up and I can’t really work as much as I’ve done before it has just done wonders for me to stay at home without all the “must do this” stuff on my mind.

Usually I’m highly stressed and feel like I never have time for anything, but now that we aren’t allowed to do anything except to just sit at home, my mind can finally relax and just do all the stuff I didn’t have time for before.

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