Every other decade a new hairstyle becomes popular and takes place but now in the 20s century a new hairstyle comes every other week. The hair journey has changed and successfully developed through the years, we went from a popping shingle bob in 1920s to long luscious waves.

As we all know hairstyles aren’t always new, some of them are inspired by hairstyles from decades ago, for example the bob, at first it was a simple hairstyle popularized in the 1920s, it was short in the back with longer

curled sides and small bangs but now it has upgraded to show of your natural curls or straightened.

We have seen a big improvement in the hairdressing world, there are more than a thousand ways to style your hair and even more products to get to the perfect style you want. But the question is, if there are so many hairstyles to choose from now, how would the future hairstyles look like if we keep on changing and finding new hairstyles?

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