Have you heard of the powers of Moringa?

“The miracle tree for humans and nature” as some would say to describe the ancient superpower tree Moringa. I had the pleasure of getting to know it’s beauty and powers when on a trip in Uganda with the Not for sale ngo organization. Here’s what I learned then and also from The Body Shops newly released products containing Moringa.

The tree

Moringa is known as the ‘miracle tree’. It grows without any difficulties in challenging environments where it helps other species thrive and produces super-nourishing seed oil. They don’t need much water, which is good news for farmers in drought-prone areas, and the bees love the nectar of Moringa flowers. Moringa trees create a canopy when they grow, which shelters nearby crops from the hot sun, helping them thrive.

The roots

Is commonly used in medicine as an ingredient for treatment against diabetes, bacteria and viruses, inflammation, heart diseases and more.

The leafs

Moringa leafs contains up to seven times as much vitamin C as oranges and four times more vitamin A as carrots. It also contains a lot of various vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals.

The seeds and it’s oil

The seeds of Moringa allows us a oil known to be rich fatty acids, and has been used to moisturise and protect skin for thousands of years. Moringa oil was a regular in traditional Ayurvedic remedies, and has been used in various forms for over 2000 years. All though the ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilisations people used this magic little oil for making perfume and protecting their skin. The seeds are also known for their ability to cleanse water up to 90%.

The Body Shops new products

The Moringa seed oil used in the Body Shops new products comes from Asili Natural Oils, their Community Fair Trade partners in Rwanda. According to them their trade provides a sustainable income for farmers in the dry eastern provinces of Rwanda, where income opportunities are low. The Body Shop is know for initiatives like this which enhances their stance as a beauty and skincare brand that’s more than just a commercial brand.

So which products can you get with Moringa?

To be honest, almost anything. TBS offers various types of products from soap, shampoo to hand lotion and body mist. A huge range of of supplies to boost your skin and hair! Price range is between £1,5 to £22.

Excuse me whilst I run off to soak in some of these super products and plant my Moringa tree!






By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports