During this Covid-19 time, many have probably felt a stress and anxiety about the future, or felt bad about the isolation from the old social life one could previously choose to have. Many have not met their loved ones and are simply worn out from the restrictions of this pandemic. That is why it is extra important to take care of yourself! Here are some tips for your own home spa so you can treat yourself to a little luxury in everyday life.

Be in the now

We are constantly connected to our phones, computers and lots of technology. At present, we should not be available to anyone but ourselves. Turn off all distractions and think of all the must. Find yourself with yourself, in the now.


Turn on soothing music to help you feel relaxed. Not only does it have to be music, but it can also be audio files on youtube with recorded harmonic nature sounds. This will help you unwind and release tension in your body and psyche. For this you can also create a harmonious environment. Light some scented candles and lower the lighting.

Face mask

Find recipes for your own face masks that meet the requirements for your skin to feel good. The skin is strongly affected by internal stress and sometimes only a soothing face mask is needed to soothe it. There are also lots of tips and tricks for hair masks you can take the opportunity to do yourself and wrap your hair with. Stress can also lead to hair loss, then a homemade hair mask fits perfectly!

Take a warm bath

If you do not have a bath, take a hot shower. Use a lovely body scrub and take the time to really relax in the warm water. After the bath / shower, lubricate yourself in a body lotion and hug yourself in a bed or sofa. Set up a movie and eat something you like. Small things in everyday life can contribute to so much therapy for your inner stress. Do not forget, you and your mind always come first!

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