1. Year end reflections of a black woman
  2. Couture Black – a fashion performance
  3. Minimizing those pores
  4. Get empowered! You have more than one story
  5. Winter care basics
  6. 3 Mouthwatering West African Dishes You Need to Try
  7. Consultants Help Businesses Operate Efficiently
  8. The only recipe for Jollof Rice you need
  9. Not prepared for Halloween?
  10. Black Queendom…
  11. Signature muse; Peter Baho
  12. IDA WARG Soft Finish Hairspray
  13. “My Daddy Changed The World”
  14. Suit up!
  15. No Justice No Peace!
  16. The voice of Africa in global governance
  17. Why you should write
  18. Signature muse; Irene Ekelund
  19. It’s summer somewhere…
  20. Fashion trends: do they still exist in the digital age?
  21. 5 Fall trends to look for 2021
  22. Blackberry ice cream
  23. How to be productive
  24. Diversity in fashion, Fall season 2021
  25. I should not have to shout twice as loud to be heard
  27. Why mental health matters
  28. The best Hummus
  29. Wing it
  30. Circular fashion: the shopping concept that is saving the planet
  31. Ramen 101
  32. Back To School- How To Make It Easier
  33. Show your vulnerability
  34. Risoni with roasted tomatoes & lemon chicken
  35. Back To School-Study Tips
  36. Eat seasonal for a more sustainable diet
  37. Understanding equality
  38. Have you heard of the powers of Moringa?
  39. Kylie Jenner and her makeup journey
  40. Distortion
  41. Baked beans, sweet potato and salsa
  42. Home spa during corona
  43. What does self-love mean?
  44. Your own charisma
  45. Yes, black people do CA & blackface too…
  46. Pakoras – heat, acid and salt!
  47. Glamorous in Pink
  48. Self-love in everyday life
  49. 5 Corona Friendly Things To Do This Summer
  50. I’ll hide my tears in lace
  51. Falafel with couscous and a minty lemon sauce.
  52. Beauty procedures
  53. Meatballs in coconut sauce
  54. What the word “Beautiful” has meant throughout history
  55. Let there be carbs
  56. How to boost your self-esteem!
  57. Are adults also affected by beauty ideals?
  58. The role of social media in the beauty complex
  59. Self Esteem And Fashion
  60. Eyebrow On Fleek
  61. The Hippie Movement
  62. Fashion And Identity – A lifelong Relationship
  63. The Fashion industry’s Impact on Global Warming
  64. Flared Jeans
  65. Hairstyles Through The Decades
  66. What Is In And What Is out?
  67. Corsets
  68. The Circle Of Fashion Trends
  69. A black Hollywood spin on black civil rights activists; Judas & the black Messiah
  70. Fashion During The 90s
  71. Fashion Through The Decades
  73. Fluffy American pancakes
  74. Roasted cabbage and a green Goddess sauce.
  75. The Revolutionary Power of Chadwick Boseman
  87. AYSHA x FÄRG
  89. Sadness – No One Can Tell You How To Feel
  105. G L O W
  106. Don’t be offended, it’s just a sketch…
  107. White lines…
  108. Let’s talk about love, Self-Love
  109. 90s cool kids on the block
  110. Miss South Africa wins Miss Universe – It’s a big deal but shouldn’t be
  111. Toast the decade in style
  112. Glamyoga at Downtown camper
  113. Glamyoga launch
  114. Pajamas party at Downtown camper
  115. Say no to drugs & yes to roses!
  116. Lovely 4c hair, the ultimate wash guide!
  117. GodDryck x Richard Man, a delicious symphony!
  118. DIY Glamoats by Kerr Jollof
  119. Glamation day #glam2k18
  120. Depend Eye Lashes
  121. Turn your home into a spring tale


  • Year end reflections of a black woman

    By Emily Joof


    Everywhere around me I see parents gearing up.
    Loading up with fumes of energy.
    Getting ready to make yet another Christmas magical.


    In the mist of a pandemic.
    And the shadows of Black Lives Matters.
    I see weary bodies straighten up.
    Turn their cheek and stumble in the general direction of well, forward.


    I look back on 2021,
    I see incredible highs and spectacular lows.


    I saw the world taking a pause,
    we listened to the wind.
    We felt the earth.
    We had moments, long moments just for conversation.


    I heard the silences,
    and the tears.
    I saw the solidarity,
    and the applause.


    The marches pounded in my soul,
    and unleashed our voices.
    We watched our words echo across the globe,
    us Black People,
    holding on to our humanity,
    holding on to each other.


    Some things changed forever,
    Some things forever changed.


    I look around now and hear the tiny voices of fatigue.
    The backs bent.
    The short breaths.
    I know it well.


    This year has left us tired.
    A deep, latent, quiet tired that perseveres.


    It doesn’t leave when we sleep, walk or play.
    It hangs out when we cook, read and work.


    This tired is clearly, decidedly here to stay.


    I look at my tired in the eyes and continue to smile.
    I continue to mother.
    I continue to try.


    Like my sisters out there,
    we still create
    we still engage
    we take deep breaths to calm the emotions that rage.


    we must,
    keep living,
    keep thriving.


    We must look at this year,
    look it in the eye and let it know,
    we are still here.


    Maybe a little shaken,
    maybe a little worn down
    but here.


    It the glimmers of our daughter’s smile,
    in the warmth of our son’s embrace,
    we find hope.


    In our sisterhood,
    in our motherhood,
    we find hope.


    In those belly laughs
    and silent prayers,
    we find strength.


    And tomorrow, you will find us here,
    where we have always been,
    as we will always be;
    and beautiful.

  • Couture Black – a fashion performance

    An interpretation of couture by Beckman’s fashion students appears in a choreographed show in the middle of the exhibition Couture’s secrets at the Sven-Harry Art Museum.


    The craft tradition of Couture is clarified in black shapes

    Under the leadership of Pär Engsheden, fashion designer and responsible for the Fashion Program, eleven fellow students have worked to express contemporary ideas through advanced forms and craftsmen. The students have explored how black materials can clarify the shape.




    The Couture course is conducted for the third consecutive year and provides an increased understanding of a more advanced and creative fashion design while providing insight into how the traditional craft can be combined with future demands for sustainability and material renewal.


    Contributing fashion students


    Adam Swärd, Benedicte Eggesbø, Emma Wåhlin, Erik Olsson, Felicia Åström, Fo Phan, Jannica Hagfors, Jon Allensten, Sandra Saedi, Sergio Castiglioni och Sofia Isdahl.

    @beckmanscollegeofdesign Couture

    Black Design by @jonallensten

    Hair: @kollektivetkai

    MUA: @emikesantos

    Design by @_adamsvaerd


    Couture Black

    Hair: @kollektivetkai

    MUA: @emikesantos

    For more information go to Beckmans website.

    All photos in this article is taken by Katriina Mäkinen, for usage contact her.

  • Minimizing those pores

    By Javeria Ikhtiar


    Minimizing pores is not possible unless you get them botoxed, which will have side effects.

    I started using @byko products a few months ago when I was struggling a lot with clogged pores. They sent me four products with different qualities but that are used for the same purposes: detoxing, pore-minimizing and anti-aging.

    poor minimizing

    • Prebiotic Hydrating Cream:
    – Helps maintain moisture.
    – Protects against blue light.
    – Brightens complexion.
    – Prebiotic to promote skin health.



    • Barrier Recovery Serum:
    – Plant based formula.
    – Anti-aging and pore-minimizing.
    – Protects against pollution.



    • Multi Protective Antioxidant Mist:
    – Plant based formula
    – Protection against blue light and pollution.
    – Brightens complexion.



     Bioferment renewal mask:
    – Exfoliates and brightens.
    – Naturally fermented.
    – Activated charcoal purifies and smoothes skin.



    When I first started using the products, my skin got super red, which can happen while your skin is getting used to the contents of your new routine. So instead of using all of the products at once, I started to incorporate them into my own skincare routine.


    I use the mask as an exfoliator once a week. Sometimes when my skin looks extra tired, I use the mask for 5 mins, then apply serum. And to calm my skin down I use @thebodyshop aloe Vera gel as a leave-in mask.


    The cream and mist are my favorites!!! The cream is light and a little goes a long way. It does take time for the cream to absorb into my skin so I make sure to massage it really well. The mist is my go to skincare staple. I use it whenever I feel like my skin looks dull and tired and it instantly refreshes it.


    I’m still using the product which is the thing with skincare, you really have to be patient and consistent.

  • Get empowered! You have more than one story

    By Wondemange Ejigu


    What is the first picture that comes to your mind when thinking of Africa?

    Is it a conflict? Famine? Civil war? Dictators? For some, these are probably the first images that pop to head. And even more scary, these are the images you’re actually exposed to when going back in history and connecting Africa with colonization and slavery at large.


    Mainstream media is busy propagating these images on a daily basis through their reports and the rhetoric image of Africa boasted by media is backed up by follow up stories of colonization and slavery. The NGOs (non governmental organizations) exacerbate these images furthermore either through their fundraising galas where they show impoverished children on big screens or pamphlets that carries depressing images of Africa to be dispatched in the streets of metropolitan cities.


    This image of Africa as a continent of “All the bad things that could happen” reminds me of a “TED talk” by the famous Nigerian writer named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Adichie is an amazing author who won prestigious international prizes as MacArthur fellowship and International Nonino prize in 2008 and 2009 respectively. Adichie is well known as a brilliant opinion builder and invited to many events to share her thoughtful insights. Adichie in one of her “TED Talk” presentation where she talks about “ the danger of a single story” she shares her personal story about how people are fixated on stereotypes to the extent it blinds them not to see all the possible good things. Adiche says- “…All of the stories make me who I am, but to insist only on these negative stories is to flatten my experience and to overlook many other stories that formed me and single stories create stereotypes”. The single story of Africa that we see in the media has created a formidable stereotype about Africa. It has been going for centuries and it seems many out of a good faith take these stereotypes as an absolute truth about Africa.


    But that is not the whole truth, single stories are dangerous as Adichie explained it. There are so many amazing and inspiring stories about Africa. You will never hear these good stories from the media or they will never teach you even in history classes. However there are countless untold amazing stories of which I am going to share one with you. Have you heard of The Battle of Adwa? I guess not. This story comes from one of the countries in Africa called Ethiopia. Ethiopia has never been colonized and Ethiopians fought for their independence against the whaite colonizers and kept their independence and freedom untouched. The battle of Adwa (1896) was a battle between Ethiopia and Italy. In this battle Ethiopians fought hard with the Italian army and won the war. The odds were like any colonizer: Italians assumed they had all the modern armaments and could easily defeat the “unmodern” army of Ethiopia. But Ethiopians by then taught the whole world that war is not about having modern armaments, rather it is about moral, discipline and techniques. What was mesmerizing about the Battle of Adwa was that Emperor Taitu,the wife to the king Minilike played a significant role in the battle as being the logistic commander of the Ethiopian army. I encourage you to go ahead and read more about the Battle of Adwa. Please keep in mind that the Battle of Adwa is not a single story towards African resistance from colonization as every country in Africa defended and resisted colonizers in the most brave way. I will try to explore these amazing stories in our next article. But for now , get empowered by the battle of Adwa! Take the undefeatable spirit of our African ancestors. You have a beautiful story about victory, resistance and freedom.

  • Winter care basics


    Winter is here. Days are getting shorter and less bright and there are days when we hardly see the sun and then people make mistake of NOT wearing a #sunscreen. At a beauty event I learned that the sun damages your skin more when it snows because the rays reflect. True or not one thing is decided that you should never skip sunscreen based on weather.

    Here are my two favourite picks:

    @supergoop : Everyday sunscreen that I love love love .. it gives such a nice finish without clogging pores and not thick or have a white cast like others.

    My other favourite is a CC cream with SPF in it. For days when I want to hide pigmentation or tired skin.

    @erborian : CC cream

    And the perfect Burgundy lips to work perfectly with Winter fits : @lipstickqueen.

    Minimizing those pores

    By Javeria Ikhtiar   Minimizing pores is not possible unless you get them botoxed, which…
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  • 3 Mouthwatering West African Dishes You Need to Try

    Known for its rich textures, delectable moorish flavours, and healthy fruit and vegetable bases, West African food is on an uprising. Here are three of many tasty dishes you must try.

    Waakye from Ghana

    The breakfast of champions. This is a supremely popular meal in Ghana in the morning, but can be eaten throughout the day. It is filling and flavourful and it combines beans, rice, moist gari (ground cassava), stew and spaghetti. It is served with a choice of protein, so you can choose from fish, meat or boiled eggs. Kelewele, a spiced plantain, and a vegetable salad are other extras that take Waakye to a whole different level.


    Kedjenou from the Ivory Coast

    This popular dish consists of a spicy stew that is slow-cooked in a terracotta pot over fire or coals. Usually made with chicken or guinea fowl, it can adapt to many variations. Although it is traditionally served with attieke – wich is flaked cassava, most other starches go well with it such as potato, plantain and others.


    Superkanja from Gambia

    This is a Gambian okra stew that gives a nutritional and flavourful punch. With its combination of leafy greens, such as spinach, collards, okra and sweet potato leaves it makes a winning combination. The dish are found all over West Africa and is usually combined with onions, chilli peppers and fish or meat.

  • Consultants Help Businesses Operate Efficiently

    By Guest writer Amy Collett

    Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

    Occasionally, a company may need expertise in a specific area but not require a full-time position. Likewise, a newly formed business may lack the resources to staff departments for every business need. For example, when marketing and advertising needs arise, a business owner may not have the skills or time to address them, so hiring an outside consultant is the solution.

    Consultants can be helpful in other areas, too, including accounting and finance, public relations, web design, social media management, and IT. An instructional design consultant might help an organization assess training needs and design instructional modules to meet those needs, for instance. Human resources consultants can help review resumes and run background checks on prospective employees. Hiring business consultants can save a company time and money because once they fulfill their contracts, the company no longer pays them.

    This is the kind of insightful content you can find on Signature Reports.

    Help With Web and IT Needs

    Customers and clients expect the businesses they deal with to have an internet presence. An IT, social media, or public relations consultant can design and update websites, create content, manage social media accounts, and establish a company’s digital identity to help it remain competitive. Consultants can set up platforms to enable customers to place orders, get answers to questions, and leave comments around the clock. They can also monitor the website and social media pages remotely and quickly address navigation, security vulnerabilities, or user experience issues.

    The Bottom Line

    A financial consultant can help when a small business doesn’t have a full-time Chief Financial Officer, allowing the owner to focus on running and growing a business. If your company is doing well financially, you might not think about future situations that might impact the bottom line. Consultants examine a company’s financial status objectively. Financial consultants can also develop or recommend tools for automating some accounting procedures, including tracking sales, revenue, and expenses.


    Organize a Business for Success

    A new business can benefit from a consultant who can assist in setting up an operating structure. Organizing as a limited liability company (LLC) is a practical choice for some business owners. Reasons for setting up a company as an LLC include protecting personal assets from lawsuits and tax advantages, as well as giving your business credibility.

    States have different rules for establishing LLCs. Before starting the process, check with the agency that regulates new businesses in your state. Your local chamber of commerce may be another resource to contact for information regarding setting up an LLC. Use a business formation service to save money on setup expenses and get an affordable online DBA ‘doing business as’ name, or file the paperwork yourself for even more savings.

    How You Can Find Qualified Consultants

    Start with a job search website where you can review job descriptions to get an idea of the qualifications for the role you need a consultant to fill. You can also learn to develop advertisements to post on job search sites. While you’ll pay a fee for posting your ads, seeking a consultant this way can provide a pool of highly qualified candidates. Social networking sites for professionals, association websites, and freelance job boards are other resources for finding consultants.

    Companies Can Excel by Using Consultants

    Companies of any size can get quality guidance by hiring business consultants. Implementing a business consultant’s expert recommendations positions an organization for success.


    Signature muse; Peter Baho

    What made you get in to this very competitive industry at such a young age?…

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    Why you should write

    I would call writing art. Having the ability to form sentences based on my own…

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    Signature muse; Irene Ekelund

    In the segment Signature muse; we get to meet inspirational professionals from around the world…

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    We all know that one person who always seems to be ahead of everyone else…

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    Why mental health matters

    I think it is safe to say that there has been some trying times lately.…

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    Circular fashion: the shopping concept that is saving the planet

    Sustainability has never been more important to shoppers or the fashion industry. This generation cares…

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  • The only recipe for Jollof Rice you need


    Let’s be honest, Jollof Rice is one of those dishes that has as many interpretations as it has fans. This amazingly flavorful dish is popular for a reason and if you want the Gambian version straight from our Gambian queen Aysha Jones, you’ve come to the right place.


    • 1kg meat or chicken (we recommend chicken legs if you choose chicken)
    • 400g crushed tomatoes
    • 500g strained tomatoes
    • 2 tbsp tomato puree
    • 1 green pepper
    • 2 onions
    • Habanero
    • Rice

    Optional to add

    • Cassava
    • Carrots
    • Aubergine
    • Potatoes
    • Cabbage
    • Vegetables of your choice

    Serve with

    • Rangha (a mixture of spinach and okra)


    1. Wash and soak the rice.
    2. Peel and chop all the vegetables. The onion is chopped into small pieces and the vegetables can be whole or divided into two. If you like your food spicy you could grind your peppers with an entire habanero.
    3. Wash and cut the meat into small pieces and fry it until almost cooked through. Add the onion, the vegetables and spices. Let it fry a little more on low heat.
    4. Add the crushed and strained tomatoes and the tomato puree along with some water. Let it boil until the vegetables are cooked.
    5. Take the vegetables out of the pot and add the rice instead. Leave the meat in the pot unless you’re cooking with chicken, which should also be taken out of the pot before you add the rice. Pour more water into the pot to help the rice cook properly. Season a little more until you’re happy with the flavor. Put a lid on and let it cook on low heat while stirring the pot from time to time.
    6. When the rice is ready, serve it with vegetables and rangha. If you want to add a little extra flava, add some sliced boiled eggs and some shrimp.

    Photography: Gabriel Tiedtke @gtiedtke


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  • Not prepared for Halloween?


    We think we’ve all been there, sitting the day before the Halloween party and not having a costume or look put together. Thank god for social media and talented makeup artists!

    Don’t you worry, one of our makeup artists is here to help!


    Winter care basics

    Winter is here. Days are getting shorter and less bright and there are days when…

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  • Black Queendom…


    Editorial credentials
    Garments: Tommy Hilfiger (Ibeyo studio)

    Creative directing, styling: Aysha Jones
    Photographer: Lanna Olsson
    Post production/retouch: Studio Elinkha
    Models: Awa Touray & Irene Ekelund (models did their own makeup & hair)
    Dog: Ginny @astridgaszynski
    Location: Sturehovs slott


    Couture Black – a fashion performance

    An interpretation of couture by Beckman’s fashion students appears in a choreographed show in the…
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    Suit up!

    Editorial credentials Model, makeup & styling: Irene Ekelund @irenemichelleekelund Photography: Lukas Meijer @lukasmeijerphotography Hair: Braidz…

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    It’s summer somewhere…

    Editorial credentials Model & makeup: Irene Ekelund @irenemichelleekelund Photography: Peter Baho @peterbaho Styling: Aysha Jones…

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    Reports from the fashionspot.com and nytimes.com have shown that the fall season of 2021 is…

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