Someone said that it takes you half of the time you spend with that special somebody to get over them, I believe that everybody has their own time of healing, especially because breakups can turn your world inside out or destroy you and put you in a black hole.

These are some of the few things I have learned from heartache.

Deal With Your Pain Is going to hurt and there will be nothing that nobody can do or said to make you feel better, so just cry it all out and get all the pain and suffering out, don’t try to suppressed.

Take Your Time After a breakup don’t rush into another relationship because you are ticking bomb full with baggage ready to explote and could make more damage to yourself and hurt somebody that has nothing to do with your last relationship.

Get To Know The New You Take this time to get to know yourself better because you are not the same person as you were before entering your relationship, a lot of things of yourself have change so just explore this new you, figure out what you really want, what are your prioraties and your spectations.

Never Compare & Learn From It I’m a true believer that relationships are make by 2 people so if it doesn’t work don’t feel guilty because is both fault, so learn from this previous relationship not only from your mistakes but his also and never ever compare your relationships because they are never the same and also you where never the same.

Forgive & Let Go No matter who the relationship ended you need to forgive and let it all go in order to move on, if you cannot do it you will never will be able to have a healthy relationship and you continually will sabotage your happiness.

Don’t Rush It You will feel it when you are ready to put yourself out there again , it’s going to take time but it will be worth it because you will be heal and completely ready to make your next relationship work.

When it comes to the matters of the heart there is never a right answer to deal with it, so keep in mind that we are all different but regardless of it we all have to deal with it ones in our life time and there is no shame on it, just the feeling of having had the pleasure of knowing what love is.

Please don’t forget to shared with us your tips as well.

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