IKEA x Swedish House Mafia collab is on fire

IKEA is planning to launch a design collaboration with artists Swedish House Mafia where they have explored music and creativity at home to make everyday life easier for those who produce, perform, play or just love music. The collection, which is called OBEGRÄNSAD, will be available come fall and will include a table for music production, an armchair, a turntable and more.


The name OBEGRÄNSAD gives a hint about the collection’s target group, those with limited resources but unlimited creativity. The aim is to democratize music production at home and enable the many to unleash their passion and creativity. The OBEGRÄNSAD collection has the versatility to offer solutions for a home set-up, regardless of whether you are a music producer, DJ or musician – or just want to relax and listen to music.


The design helps to create, play, enjoy and even just create atmosphere, says Swedish House Mafia.


The UNLIMITED desktop is a key solution for future music creators. The collection responds to the trend of making music of professional quality at home and is necessary to create the perfect home studio at an affordable price.


Sound is crucial for music, and we have put two speaker racks on the desk to get the speakers at the height of the ears. We have also put a pull-out shelf under the desk. This functionality means that you can, for example, have a midi keyboard within reach, while at the same time maximizing the space on the desk, says Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA.

The OBEGRÄNSAD armchair represents the perfect balance between form and function that is central to this collaboration. The minimalist design creates a pure elegance, the adjustable straps strengthen the functionality and make it possible to fine-tune the comfort level. The armchair is an example of the part of the collection that helps to create a relaxing environment to enjoy the music experience at home.

Armchairs are a place to unwind, reflect, get acquainted with the creative flow. The armchair OBEGRÄNSAD shows the importance of comfort, says James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA.

The most unexpected product in the collection is the OBEGRÄNSAD turntable. The product pays homage to the timeless joy of listening to music on vinyl records.

The solid, robust design gives the player a given place in the room, says Friso Wiersma, it embodies the music in the collection, which means that it really takes place mixed with the music’s attitude – rather than making it interact.

The entire collection will be launched globally in fall of 2022. The collection will contain more than 20 products that make the space at home better adapted to the needs of music creators and fans around the world.

Source: TT
Source: TT