The gorgeous twenty three year old reality star, model and businesswoman Kylie Kristen Jenner started her business out of insecurity with her lips, isn’t it incredible how you can turn your biggest insecurity to a beautiful creation? Well today we are going to talk about how she started her business focusing on how to make her flaws into beauty.

What motivated her to start her business?

Well in 2018 Kylie revealed that her business started with an insecurity, the insecurity with her lips. Her insecurity was so serious that she never actually went out without lipstick. She then revealed her obsession with makeup started with her lip kits, by then, the only thing she watched was makeup tutorials and it hit her, then and there, to start Kylie Cosmetics.

How did her business grow so fast?

Kylie was already famous because of her family reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” therefore she took advantage of the huge fan following on the show which also helped her get a steady fanbase. Most of her competitors aimed their businesses at adults while she entered a whole new world targeting young adults and teenagers all around the world, this way she accomplished to become one of the world’s most popular influencers among business women around the world. Four years later her net worth is over 900 million dollars and she turned her business into a multi-million-dollar company.

This is the story of how Kylie Kristen Jenner started her business out of her own flaws and made it into her own company, a very interesting story which is also the reason why she is a big role model for many entrepreneurs and you teenagers, if she could make flaws into beauty, so could you.

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