What does self-love mean to you? How does self-love look to you?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see the divinity within?⁠⁠

Many of us have been up and down with how we love ourselves. It is so easy to focus on the negative and we forget to see our own light. The same light we admire in others. We forget that the beauty we see in others is merely the beauty within ourselves.⁠⁠

You are divine. I am divine. We are divine.

⁠In case you forgot this I wanted to remind you of this.

⁠⁠I challenge you to do the following for a week. ⁠⁠

When you wake up in the morning.⁠ Go to the mirror. Smile and say out loud three times.⁠⁠

‘I love and approve of myself’⁠⁠

After a week of doing this everyday, come back and let me know what happened. ⁠

Who doesn’t like a challenge, right?⁠


In order to achieve self-love we must not forget about self care. ⁠⁠

Self care is essential for spiritual growth.⁠ How often do you take care of yourself? Do you have spiritual baths?

What is a spiritual bath you may say. Well, let me tell you a thing or two.

A spiritual bath is just that. A bath only amplified to bathe your soul as well as your physical body.

Taking baths have been, since back in the Roman and Greek days and today, a way that most people like to de-stress and relax.

You may have heard of people setting intentions, when they have showers or baths, to have the water cleanse them from any and all negativity, disease and purify and protect them amongst other things. You still do those things with a spiritual bath but you add ingredients to the water. Depending on what type of bath you want, healing, purification, grounding, you can add a combination of herbs, flowers, crystals and oils. These will aid in bathing your soul and relaxing you physical body.

There are many spiritual herbalists out there that can blend something together to fit your needs.

But seeing as we are talking about self-love, here is a remedy for self-love.

Like with everything we do, we have to believe and trust in the process. What we think about we bring about. It just won’t work if you are not all in. Set your intentions and know that they are true.

Self-Love Spiritual Bath


Rose quartz – for unconditional love, harmony and self-love Clear quartz – for healing, harmony, energy, clarity and calm Lavender oil – for peace Jasmine oil – for self-confidence Rose oil – for love Fresh basil – for purification Epsom salt – to relax the physical body Rose petals – attract love White candle – for light Black candle – for dark

Before beginning the ritual make sure to cleanse. You can use sage, juniper, basil whatever you use to cleanse and ground your space.

You can do this in any order you like an a way that feels natural to you. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the ingredients. Our ancestors made due with a lot less yet they still manage to add magick to their everyday.

Light the candles one you have cleansed your space. This symbolises the light and dark aspects of ourselves. We honour both and keep them in balance when we light them and let them burn together side by side. As you light the candles set your intentions for the healing that is about to take place.

Now it is time to add the ingredients to your bath water. Add them one by one and do so with intent and presence. Be in the now moment. Add 2-4 drops of each essential oil. Don’t use too much as this may cause irritation to the skin and you want to be completely relaxed in the bath not itchy!

For the crystals, depending on how many you have add them. If you only have one and it is a small one at that, that’s ok. You will still get the benefits of the remedy. Remember that you have set your intentions as you lit the candles.

Now sprinkle a handful of epsom salt into the bath and do the same with the basil and rose petals. And you are done. All you have to do now is submerge yourself into the water.

Once your whole body has been under the water say an affirmation of your choice. Close your eyes. See or feel for heart space. Hold your hands over your heart space and say that affirmation three times out loud.

For example you could say ‘ I love and approve of myself, I love and approve of myself, I love and approve of myself and so it is’.

Stay in the bath for as long as it feels comfortable to you.

Now all you need to do is sit back and relax as the universe handles the rest.

And so it is.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Laura AKA Moonseeker of Light Guardian

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