Minimizing those pores

Minimizing pores is not possible unless you get them botoxed, which will have side effects.

I started using @byko products a few months ago when I was struggling a lot with clogged pores. They sent me four products with different qualities but that are used for the same purposes: detoxing, pore-minimizing and anti-aging.

• Prebiotic Hydrating Cream:

– Helps maintain moisture.

– Protects against blue light.
– Brightens complexion.
– Prebiotic to promote skin health.
– Plant based formula.
– Anti-aging and pore-minimizing.
– Protects against pollution.
– Plant based formula
– Protection against blue light and pollution.
– Brightens complexion.
– Exfoliates and brightens.
– Naturally fermented.
– Activated charcoal purifies and smoothes skin.

• Barrier Recovery Serum:

• Multi Protective Antioxidant Mist:

Bioferment renewal mask:

When I first started using the products, my skin got super red, which can happen while your skin is getting used to the contents of your new routine. So instead of using all of the products at once, I started to incorporate them into my own skincare routine.

I use the mask as an exfoliator once a week. Sometimes when my skin looks extra tired, I use the mask for 5 mins, then apply serum. And to calm my skin down I use @thebodyshop aloe Vera gel as a leave-in mask.

The cream and mist are my favorites!!! The cream is light and a little goes a long way. It does take time for the cream to absorb into my skin so I make sure to massage it really well. The mist is my go to skincare staple. I use it whenever I feel like my skin looks dull and tired and it instantly refreshes it.

I’m still using the product which is the thing with skincare, you really have to be patient and consistent.

By Javeria Ikhtiar
By Javeria Ikhtiar