For those living in the states, mothers day will be this Sunday. Have you made or bought something for her?

However, for those living in Sweden, mothers day is on Sunday the 31st this month, so there’s still time for shopping and planning!

Here are some great tips for you all that both the children alone can do but also something the hubby can do:

  1. Take her on a spa-day so she can relax for an entire day without the kids and all the must-do-this-stuff
  2. Clean the entire home so she doesn’t have to
  3. Cook her fave meal
  4. Make her a queen for a day by doing all the stuff she wants to do
  5. Craft her a gift, something you know she would appreciate. From the children it can be anything!
  6. Spoil her with something she wanted for a long time and talked about but never bought for herself because of to much money to spend or just doesn’t like to spend money

If you want to buy her something, here are some great tips for the ultimate gifts:

(Click the picture titles for direct links to webshops)







Hopefully these tips helps in the search for the perfect way of spoiling your mothers/the mother of your children

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