A self-tanning review by Polly Lindstedt

After working 6 days in a row and after battling 2 weeks of sickness I went through my stash of products that I hadn’t had the chance to try out yet, and then i found Mr & Mrs Tannie self-tan mousse and tan mist that I’ve been dying to try for a while but haven’t yet!

Before using self-tanner i jumped in and took a looong warm shower where i scrubbed my entire body to get rid of any dry patches and dead skin that can make the self-tanner stick to it and give an uneven result.
After the shower I moisturize with Mr & Mrs Tannie’s Foamy body butter. It felt really nice when applied and had a flowery scent to it which was pleasant!

When I’ve let the moisturizer dry in to my skin a bit i then started applying my chosen self-tanning formula, the Whipped tan mousse all over my body on the places I wanted a “tan”. I used a tanning mitt from a previous brand I’ve tried because I didn’t have Mr & Mrs Tannie’s own mitt. But no worries, it works just as well! With circular motions i applied the mousse until I had covered all the parts, I then waited a few hours before jumping into bed to let the self-tanner really do its magic. I put a towel over my sheet so it wouldn’t stain it.

The next day i showered off the excess from the self-tanner with water and afterwards i applied a second layer. This is optional depending on how much of a color you want and since I am pale AF i felt that I needed a second layer to get my desired result.

You should always wait a few hours (4-8h) until the layer starts to take/have taken and then shower of the excess to reveal your tanned body!

Here’s a lil’ video of me applying the products and at the end you’ll see my result:



I really like this self-tanner due to its pleasant scent, it didn’t have that icky self-tanner-smell as much and helps moisturize your body while giving you what the sun usually gives you but with less damage to the skin of course! It’s easy to spread out over your skin and dries in very well, but yes, your skin will be sticky after wards but just put on loose clothing (preferably black clothes) and then you won’t be bothered by it until it’s time to shower of the excess.

The best part is that they are cruelty free, 100% vegan and produced here in Sweden. I recommend you give their series a try; they have a bunch of different self-tanners to choose from.

You can find all the products from Mr & Mrs Tannie here:

Kicks – https://www.kicks.se/mr-mrs-tannie

Lyko – https://www.lyko.se/mr–mrs-tannie

And you can read about the brand and products here

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