“My Daddy Changed The World”

The George Floyd case received extreme attention around the world with lots of protests in honor of Floyd but also for highlighting the issues behind the incident. What the world witnessed was, in my opinion, literally camera murder.

“My daddy changed the world,” said George’s daughter on former NBA player Stephen Jackson’s instagram. Floyd’s daughter, Gianna Floyd smiles as she rests atop of Stephen’s shoulders. She is shown raising her arms and saying, “Daddy changed the world.”

George Floyd, however, under the responsibility of the police. The brutality against him was filmed by many passing witnesses who, like him, repeatedly asked the police not to keep him in the position they held him. He was handcuffed and pinned down to the ground by an officer’s knee. Do you know what dear readers, we outar his name. Derek Chauvin. Derek is the police officer who ruthlessly committed acts that resulted in George’s death. Floyd repeatedly said that he could not breathe, but was ignored in such an inhuman way, which then resulted in his death.

“I Can’t Breathe” – George Floyd 2020

Mr. Chauvin and the three other officers involved in Mr. Floyd’s death, let’s us out too, Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J. Alexander Kueng – were fired and charged with a variety of crimes. Many people question whether this happened because the system has often let the police culture take over justice and believe that this only happened because it got so much attention with video evidence that aroused the whole world with anger.

Police brutality, especially in the United States, is something that has long been a problem and affects many with lower social status in society. The US system is considered to be built for the rich. Education and healthcare are extremely expensive and those with high salaries are the ones who have the easiest time paying for this and thus get their children to follow in the same footsteps with the same opportunities as them. It is therefore easy for it to become a vicious circle where you are born with either good or bad conditions in society, which creates huge gaps where people with an immigrant background usually get tough when they have immigrated to the country somewhere in the family.

The brutality that George Floyd was subjected to is something that has happened too often and is still happening. Now during the month of October, we in Sweden show solidarity for the struggle of blacks in the United States in particular, where violence is at its worst. To get involved and participate, keep an eye on both black lives matters original instagram and also Sweden’s black lives matter.

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports