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More and more celebrities are coming out with their own beauty lines and some of them are flat out ridiculous but some truly hit the mark and comes out with innovative and nice products! Noomi Rapace together with Steve Terry is one of those who did the second and I’m gonna tell you why.

N.C.P Olfactives (New Collective Products) started out in 2017 with their lines of perfume where the concept is all about layering and creating your own signature combination of fragrances. So all the perfumes are suppose to be combined with one and another.

The idea behind it all came from her being on the go all the time and playing all these different characters where she used fragrances to get into the characters essence but also because scents has always been an obsession for her personally.

“It’s not about celebrities, it’s not my name or anyone else’s name. We are a collective creating products, it’s not a celebrity standing with a bottle saying ‘Because you’re worth it.’ The time of self-promotion and ‘me, me, me’ will have a short lifespan, it’s very boring and unsexy. I feel it will be over soon and that’s why I love that Selfridges embraced this concept from the beginning,”
– Noomi Rapace, for https://wwd.com/

This year, 2020 it was time for N.C.P Olfactives to step into the skincare world by creating N.C.P. Essentials, they put together 3 different categories which is Cleans, Boost and Care. This idea for the brand started with Noomi Rapace and her search for skincare that suited her lifestyle. As you know that as an actor or actress who travels alot for work your skin can take a lot of damage due to changes in the air and the stress. So after going to her skin therapist Lena Claesson for a while because of her skin issues, they finally got her skin ballanced out. But it’s not always possible to have your skin therapist with you all the time so what Rapace wanted was skincare that you could bring with you and customize for your skins needs. Here the concept of layering comes in to play also.

We embrace the individual and living in the now, where every day is a new adventure. Your skin might not always love adventures as much as you do, but don’t worry – we’ve made it easy to prepare your skin for all the demands of the life you live. Welcome to skincare that meets your skins needs in every situation, environment and season.
– N.C.P. Essentials skin care, https://ncpessentials.com/

Lena Claesson was one of those who helped create this new skincare line since she knew what type of ingridients and products that was needed for this typ of lifestyle that Noomi is living. And it was important that the products was able to be combined in every way possible.

Thanks to an amazing team they managed to make all the essentials products that was needed and making them travel friendly by making them into travel sizes. Easy to use and easy to bring wherever!

We love the concept and the story behind it all, beauty shouldn’t be complicated and hard to understand!

You can read more indept about all the products on their website right here.


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