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Neon fashion has been showing up more and more due to the 80’s comeback in the fashion industrie, and the up & coming fashion designer Emelie Vinterstrand has created some of the most amazing and edgy designs for this theme!

Emelie Vinterstrand lives in Sweden – Norrköping and has had a passion for fashion ever since her teen-years. But it wasn’t until after working 12 years on the railroad that she decided to follow her dream and applied to Lenning Textile Technical Institute

in 2015 and the YH-course Confectionery Technician in the clothing industry, “Garment Technician” on free trial and got accepted. After 2 years of studying and hard work she had her diploma in her hand and could start working towards her life goals.

She has a little sewing studio where she creates her peices, but she didn’t start there! In the beginning she made all her orders from customers in her own home. With hard work you can achieve anything!

RAGNHILD – A custom made green neon body and skirt for the artist Eleonor Léone for her performance in Tokyo last year 2019.

The name means: Ruler – The most powerful chess piece that each player has, able to move any number of unobstructed squares in any direction along a rank, file, or diagonal on which it stands. This piece represents all the queens out there.

DORIS – Neon orange pants that truly has it’s unique design with the “holes” on the sides, perfect for the daring people who loves more edgy clothing!

The name means: Gift – You can fake attitude, but you can’t fake empowerment. You got a gift, own it!

NELIA – This neon pink set was also a custom made design for the talentet Nicole Elizabeths when she was going to compete in Talang Sverige this year in february.

The name means: Butterfly – Who would have known that a caterpillar could turn into a beautiful butterfly. Who would have known that this jacket hides butterflies? And like a pink garden in the dawn, the flowers won’t bloom unless the butterfly dance. Allways uniqe and allways with a history, just like you!

(The information of the clothes are borrowed from her own website)

Designer: Emelie Vinterstrand




Model: Greta Matilda




Photographer: Gustav Hallén



Hair & makeup: Polly Lindstedt



We just love the uniqueness of the clothes and we know she is going far in this industry!

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