Venue: Downtown camper

If you missed our pj-party at Downtown camper, don’t worry! We will fill you in on what happened at the party.

On the 9th of June we had our first event of the year (It was our first event in ages actually) after re-branding LeNoir in hopes of making it modern and fresh. It was our wonderful colleague Polly who arranged this event for our guests and partners, and she truly nailed it!

We had the whole suite decorated like a kids pj-party, just like it was back in the days, but for adults. It was so colorful with pink, yellow and turquoise balloons, a lot of snacks and off course pizza from Online pizza who was one of our partners.

Before we took our guests to the suite we had arranged a spa evening in Downtown campers rooftop pool and spa area, The Nest, so that we could all relax after a long week of work. We had Acasia skincare sheet masks for our guests to try out while in the spa and our founder Aysha Jones held a demo about Acasia and their products. We also had a representative from Rosenserien, Maja, at the spa who they spoke about their products, and when Maja started talking everyone just got so silent and focused on what she had to say. She was so captivating we forgot to video her, it was amazing and her way of presenting the brand was so nice!

After a few hours in the spa it was time to head down to the suite for some pizza, snacks and drinks whilst Devi from Defunc spoke about their products, and after she was done everyone wanted to test the products. Defunc was so generous and offered all our guest a headphone of their choice, yes Aysha was a bit salty that she was not a guest at that moment but she will get over it haha!

When all guests where done eating Aysha and Polly held a thank you speech to all our guests and partners for coming and for all the love they give to us.

The evening was definitely a success and we are looking forward to our future events with our awesome guest and partners.

We, the team of LeNoir, wish you all a hot lazy summer and want to end by saying thanks to our partners, without you the pajamas party would not have been a blast!

All photos by Ida-Maria Tjäder @photosbyidamaria

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