Racism within Swedish top fashion brand

Viveca Ohlsson / Kulturen

One of Swedens top fashion designers have been called out for racist and discriminating behavior. Gudrun Sjödén, who is well established within the fashion industry, has reportedly discriminated employees, bullied them for years and has openly called people the n-word on more than one occasion.

Although the company Gudrun Sjödén has released an official statement saying they regret the incidents that has occurred and that there is much to be done within the company in regards to values, the statement seems pretty thin, especially since the regret only has come after Gudrun Sjödén in fact were called out.

The fact of the matter is that Gudrun Sjödén has been able to behave in this way for years without it ever becoming a problem or leading to any consequences for the company. Even though consumers couldn’t have known what happened behind closed doors, people in the fashion industry have known about this for years. According to Expressen, who was first to report about this, the reason to why they even started to look into the company was because of the large amount of employees leaving the company throughout the years. And yet, the racism and discrimination within Gudrun Sjödén has been going on for years, detected and without any consequences at all. 

One of Gudrun Sjödéns former board members describes Gudrun Sjödéns language as as archaic, but does that make it alright to use grossly racist language?

This is not the first time a Swedish fashion brand has been accused of racism and it only goes to show that there needs to be some major changes within the industry before we can expect this type of behavior to completely stop. There needs to be as much focus on antiracist fashion as there is environmentally sustainable fashion. There needs to be direct consequences the second anyone in the industry acts or expresses themselves racist. And policies for how to counteract racism within the company and its suppliers should be available as standard on each brands website. As long as non of this is reality, our societies are actually allowing racism and giving it a platform.

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports