Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do in life is boosting your self esteem and confidence. Since society has set certain standards as to what beauty is defined, some people find it hard to express themselves. It may be true that confidence comes from within, but it can also come from another thing, like fashion.

The Power of Fashion

Fashion is so much more than just dressing up. It has always been an important part of how people define themselves and an essential factor in boosting one’s self-confidence and expressing yourself the way you want to be perceived. Fashion can also be used to make a statement or alter the way you interact with others. Therefore it’s a powerful tool of influence.

What influence does fashion have on our self esteem?

Being trendy and fashionable certainly transforms our self perception. It won’t just influence the level of confidence but also signifie how others perceive you. But just like all things, there’s two sides to everything representing positive and negative reasons to a certain topic.


What are some of these positives and negatives reasons you may ask. Your style and the clothes you choose to wear reflect and affect your mood, health and overall confidence. Dressing well does not equal success. However, dressing well increases your confidence and happiness which are two things representing positive influence by fashion. It helps us express ourselves in a form not involved with talking, but an easier way to show how we truly are.

However fashion is also one of the highly competition-oriented things where trends and brands are dominated. Not being able to keep up with these trends or wear what’s “in” or not ,can also decrease our confidence and appearance. Some people use fashion as a tool for fitting in into a certain environment, but it can be hard when their appearance is different than yours.


That’s why self love is an important thing to remember despite where you stand. You choose what you wanna wear, how you want to be perceived and who you wanna be, with Fashion!

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