Self-love is something almost everyone struggles with. In adolescence, young people have difficulty finding a character / identity, which leads to them being able to easily create a feeling of loneliness. Young people tend to apply for some kind of qualification, which can be difficult when you do not know who you are. Getting to know yourself is important and does not have to be that complicated. Here are some short and simple tips on what you can do to make your everyday life easier.


Feel a conscious presence with yourself as you bake your pastries with love. Invite someone close to you for coffee and feel good about making someone else happy.


Take a walk and turn off your cell phone. Feel the presence of nature and walk around with yourself and your own thoughts.


Take half an hour a day and block social media accounts that take more energy than they provide.


Plan an activity with yourself, it can be a cozy spa experience.

Yoga corner

Make a small cozy corner at home with blankets, scented candles and pillows. Turn on relaxing music and perform simple yoga exercises.

Take a bath / shower

Take a hot bath or shower with a lovely bath bomb or shower gel. Then apply a body lotion and lie down in bed with freshly washed bedding. Knocks you out everytime!


Write down three things you are grateful for!

A plate of love

Make a plate filled with snacks or fruits you like. Treat yourself to something good in everyday life and enjoy.

Giving yourself a little love in everyday life does not have to be difficult. Choose one of these tips and do one or two a day! Treating yourself a little is never wrong.

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