Signature muse; Peter Baho

What made you get in to this very competitive industry at such a young age?

Being creative and capturing moments is something that has interested me since I was little. I have always wanted to do something where I can be creative and create something nice. One big reason why I started photography was my dad. After my dad’s death, I was inspired to start photographing and building what my dad had started.

How do you find inspiration and what would you say your photographic imprint is?

I am very inspired by other great photographers and artists. I also usually brainstorm ideas with friends and the models I photograph. I try to find inspiration from everything.

In ten years from now, where do you see yourself & what is your biggest dream as a photographer?

In 10 years I will see myself with a large team. My biggest dream in photography is to travel around the world and shoot big campaigns for big companies.

What are the one or three things you would like to improve with your camera in hand?

I would like to get better at lighting as it has a big role in photography. Light gives life and feeling to all images.

If you could only choose one of your photos, which ones would you say is your signature?

Give us your top three:

Dream locations: Italy

Food: Middle Eastern food

Artists: Travis Scott & Antwan

Beauty products: I don’t use any

Inspirational people: My dad and other great photographers

All photos by Peter Baho

By Team Signature Reports
By Team Signature Reports